What is this series called Saints and iPhones?

Posted by Somebody's Mother on 9:11 a.m.
It started with St. Stephen's Day or Boxing Day as the day after Christmas is known in Canada and the UK.  I became intrigued and by now, obsessed with the idea that there is a Saint, and even 5-10 Saints for every day of the year.  It seemed like a way to make every day a holiday.

My acquired-niece Mairead was running a series of Morning iPhone Pix on Facebook that showed some of the amazing sights you can see running around Montreal.  Having just purchased an iPhone 4s before Christmas which has a reasonable camera on it, I started to play with photography apps and found myself having a lot of fun mushing around with the photos that I started taking.

My new obsession (I run that compulsive-obsessive gauntlet on a daily basis) became the little landscapes that are part of my own daily life, strangely connected and disconnected items that sit together on shelves, the way sheets look on an unmade bed, the way reality looks when framed by house and car windows and then the cheesy frames that apps provide.

Saints and iPhones is my way to stop and look at The Little Things every day and capture them, making a feast of them just the way Catholics have Feast Days for Saints.  We forget to celebrate, I forget to celebrate.  This is my way to make it through the year and have something to show for every day of 2012. 

I hope you're enjoying the photos and if you want to know more about any given Saint, I'm using catholiconline.org. 



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