Maybe Prostitutes Don’t Like Being Compared to Politicians!

Posted by Somebody's Mother on 2:44 p.m.
Last week, Ms. Belinda Stronach changed political parties and we got a very ugly taste from politicians and media alike that women have not “come along way, baby.” Civility went right out the window and sexism flew right in.
Since when do we call people by their first names in news articles? Jean Charest and Lucien Bouchard crossed the floor. We did not say Jean this and Jean that. Probably we wouldn’t have known which Jean we were talking about so tradition has it that we call people by their last names unless we are friends with them.
Claude Ryan crossed the floor so many times that it was an aerobic exercise. We didn’t get buddy-buddy with Claude. We just don’t do that with men. Ms. Stronach has a snappy first name and is young so our media immediately puts her on a par with a celebrity like Cher and calls her by her first name, Belinda. The next thing you know, she’ll be on Entertainment Tonight as Canada’s answer to Beyoncé.
She also has the effrontery to be a blonde. This gives a paper like the National Post every right to subtly compare her to someone like Marilyn Monroe with a not-so-clever play on words for their headline: Blonde Bombshell. Every blonde joke comes to mind and that’s not the fault of blondes when you have MP Jim Runciman remarking, “She sort of defined herself as something of a dipstick, an attractive one, but still a dipstick, with what she’s done here today.” His party leader, Stephen Harper, was no role model either, “I’ve never really noticed complexity to be Belinda’s strong point.” In other words, what can you expect from a dumb blonde? Never mind that she won an election - her electorate was probably just mesmerized by her legs.
Finally, both politicians and media used what many consider to be the most insulting analogy that they can throw at a woman: comparing her to a prostitute. Albertan Conservative, Tony Abbott described her as a “political harlot” and as “a little rich girl who is basically whoring her out to the Liberals.” Yech, not a pretty image! The Journal de Montreal ran a cartoon that showed Stronach as a prostitute leaning on a car with the prime minister at the wheel saying, “Climb in?”
Those people who ply “the world’s oldest profession” must be getting a bit fed up. Imagine being compared to politicians. It’s downright humiliating. If a person chooses to be a prostitute, they are selecting a life that will get more miserable as they get older. The only person that they eventually hurt is themselves. You might argue that their customers are being morally sullied by paying for sex but then again, they are the ones who are hurt.
Politicians just steal from everybody. Forget robbing the rich to feed the poor. Many of today’s celebrities in the political business are robbing from rich and poor alike to feed themselves. That makes them thieves on a far grander scale than those who are working the city streets. These folks are reaching into everybody’s pockets and the only pleasure that they give to society is the revenge we can’t help but feel when they get caught.
I’ve always argued that any profession that I wouldn’t want my mother, sister, or daughter to go into is wrong for everybody else’s mother, sister, or daughter. I wouldn’t want a family member of mine working in an opium den, a strip club or a brothel. The way the House of Commons is looking these days, I hope none of my kids chooses a career in politics either!



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